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3 Things I Learned Watching Geese Cross the Street

I was in a hurry to return home this morning after dropping my daughter to school.  As I approached the three way stop in my neighborhood, several cars came to a standstill.  Up ahead, a gaggle of geese descended upon the intersection with intent to get to the other side.  It was quite amusing to watch as the ‘Mama’, bravely stepped forward by example to show her goslings the way.  One by one, they followed without regard to the designated crosswalk, road signs or impatient motorists.  They set out to get to the other side and that’s what they did.

I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself when I sensed the prompting of God to observe the object lesson playing out before me.  Three things in particular resonated deeply:

  1. Know where you want to go

I am in a season of life where my faith is being stretched and fear of the unknown is causing – shall I say, ‘great discomfort’. Perhaps you can relate?  You want to cast all your cares upon the Lord but somehow you’ve unwittingly perfected a boomerang toss!  You’ve done your research, considered your options, prayed about it, received affirmation and confirmation of what you must do or where you must go – now it’s time act… to move forward or in some cases, just keep moving.  Mama Goose knew her destination.  She boldly stepped off the curb and cut a path across the intersection to get to the open field on the other side.

  1.  A ‘way’ has been made

Albeit, unbeknownst to the leader of this gaggle, the journey was fraught with unseen danger.  A stream of impatient motorists, delayed by the inconvenient roadway violation (can geese be charged with jaywalking?) posed a real threat to their survival.  Yet somehow, we were held back by way of moral and civic decency to observe the passing geese.  The scene brought to mind Elisha’s response to his anxious protégé who feared the imminent attack of the approaching army – “do not fear, for those who are with us are more than those who are with them.” (2 Kings 6:16) We may fear the unknown, our next steps, the difficult decisions or challenges before us but beyond what we can see, our battles have already been won.  We can trust that whatever God has instructed us to do, or called us to go, He has made a way.

  1. Trust the One who leads you

It all boils down to trust. It was actually an amazing sight to behold. The procession of geese was an orderly display of trust.  Mama stepped out first…then the next… and the next… and the next and finally the seventh – single file, toward the other side – each choosing to trust the leadership of the one with the vision.  Now, if God can take such good care of our feathery neighbours, how much better will He take care of us?  God has a vision, purpose and plan for our lives.  He promises to instruct us and teach us in the way we should go and counsel us with His loving eye on us (Psalm 32:8).

I didn’t linger long enough to see the land of promise the geese secured on the other side of the street but I am certain they rest in comfort.  I love the way God uses the ordinary things in our day to teach, guide and remind us of His faithfulness, mercy and love.  Whatever situation we face, He goes with us, to be our help and see us through to the other side.